I've been busy

I've been busy with this work for months, a good part of the year, really. Check it out.

Original design and illustrations by Enrica Beccalli

Original design and illustrations by Enrica Beccalli

Lots more to see on the site. From the home page:

My Health, My Voice came about because of a need: Newly-insured women are having trouble using their health coverage. Our response was to develop a health insurance literacy campaign just for newly insured women.

The materials help women who now have insurance because of the Affordable Care Act, navigate the complexities of both our health care system and how health insurance works. It's an enormous task.

I prepared the book for printing, including 2 or 3 preliminary digital print runs with field use/feedback that helped Raising Women's Voices improve the materials. Many many edit cycles. And then I got to work on the website, which is launching with a Webinar and Twitter chat (#myhealthmyvoice) today, 11/9/15. I prepped a bunch of social "badges" for that effort as well.

It's a great project and I'm honored to be involved.